Day 6

Up and at ‘em! Last night was my first tent night. We walked through cattle and their remains for the last hours of yesterday which meant a huge fly population. It seemed like a good night to break out the tent I had carried for 5 days unused. All was well for about an hour when the wind really began gusting. I soon heard the plink-plink- plink of a tent stake knocking against the rocks just as my tent leaned over to get in my face. Yep, two stakes had pulled loose. I reached over to pick up the nearest stone to pound in the stake and found my hand grabbing a small round cactus. Ouch! Did I say it was somewhat dark and I was not using my headlamp? Tent stakes were pounded and large rocks were placed to weight them down and into the tent I go just to have the wind quit.

At 5:00 we headed out to town. It was mostly a long road walk that passed quickly and had us into Lordsburg at 10:15 am. We parted ways, I to the room Jim has been staying in and Jack to rent one.

The rest of the day included town chores. Actually, as a hiker, I cheated. Jim took my clothing to the laundry and left me to shower and change into ‘town’ clothes. That was one chore I didn’t need to do. Then it was checking to see what food was left over and what food was here and what needed to be purchased and then he went to the restaurant across the street to pick up my carry out dinner.

My shoes blew their tread and caused issues big time with my feet so they went into the garbage- the shoes not my feet. I think I will take an extra day to let them heal. There is a quarter sized blister on the ball of each foot and on one foot blisters reside on each toe. I did it up right!

After resting and taking care of some chores, we engaged in typical hiker town behavior. There ended up six hikers plus Jim sitting in the shade of the Econolodge balcony swapping trail stories until it was time to have dinner. As the quarantine has created restrictive opportunities we all loaded into Creep’s van and our car and went to the fine dining available at the Love’s truck stop. Take out pizzas and Subway sandwiches were the choices, then back to the hotel.

Earlier in the afternoon Jim drove me out to where the CDT left the road to ascertain the type of trail we would have. Who knows why there are no CDT markers but there were none in sight, even with binoculars. What we found was a fenced pasture with two neighboring fence poles painted blue and the bottom row of wire bent up as to allow easier crawling beneath. It will be interesting.

Miles 11.3


2 thoughts on “Day 6

    1. Lots of fences to crawl through or over or under. Just a lot of dirt and sand so far..and some huge bulls standing and watching.


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