Day 5

We woke up extra early this morning and we’re out of camp at 15 minutes until five. It was great hiking weather, nice and cool, and a bit little of a challenge with our headlamps. We walked for about an hour before we missed a turn and subsequently bushwhacked (walked without benefit of a trail) for another 45 minutes to get back to the trail. It would’ve been nice to use it for 45 minutes to get further down the trail but, oh well.
We are now taking our afternoon break. Waiting through the heat of the day before beginning the rest of the day’s hike. There are some decent sized trees (for the desert) along washes where we can find enough shade for two. The time is spent talking, eating., loading up on water (drinking a lot) and replenishing our water supply if one is near. We would like to get in at least five more miles this evening, if not more. Five more miles will leave only nine to Lordsburg for tomorrow.
Today we have seen a lot of flowers as in earlier days, two desert horned toads, one large and one tiny. And a herd of cattle who did not know what to do with us. There are lots of lizards that scurry out of the way as we pass by and there have been at least two dozen big ant hills. I did not want to see what happened if I were to step on one of those ant hills.

First horned toad
Find the horned toad (Hint – Kinda rusty color)

Obtaining water on the trail has been interesting. Yesterday we had a marvelous huge tank out by the trail that I had clear cold water coming out. It was marvelous and yes, we did filter. Today we found a stock tank about 10 foot diameter and it was amazingly filled with algae probably the depth of the tank. We were able to scoop enough out to filter and treat.
We also are able to obtain water from water caches that are put out by friends of the Continental Divide Trail and that’s usually a gallon or 5 gallon containers full of fresh or filtered clean water. Of course this is easiest to obtain but the stops are not very close to each other.
Miles 14.3


That drumstick was good!


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