Day 4

Have I commented upon how bright the almost full moon is here? I believe one could read a book by the light. We really cannot see the stars until the moon sets. Then the Milky Way is glorious.

It was a lovely morning filled with birdsong. We made some decent miles before 11. After stopping for water at a tank we moved on. It was only 105 degrees. Yikes! We finally rested in the shade until it began to cool then went to a water cache where we ran into Creep, Chris and Hy-Gina.


Tiny bit of Shade

We plan to start at 5 am instead of 6 so we can get more miles in. There are 25 more miles to Lordsburg and I am a day behind. It will be good to see Jim.
Well, 9:00pm – hiker midnight. Time to turn in.
17 miles

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