Day 3

Can you say HOT? Jack and I started at 6:20 and maneuvered through the desert with lots of PUDs (pointless ups and downs). The most exciting sight was the cleaned bones of a cow. The hide was dried and the clean bones scattered.

We walked for 8 hours in the blazing sun. For a few hours we were able to use our umbrellas but then the winds came up and put an end to that. We are currently waiting out the heat at one of the world’s worst ponds. Green with algae and cow pies and parts and pieces of rabbits and other lovely things. Soon we will head out to walk another couple of hours to find a camp for the night.

Our afternoon delight-NOT!

I must say I am disappointed by my lack of daily mileage. Ok, we truly lost a day with the effects of the bee stings. Perhaps that held over to day 2. In any event, I had planned to be in Lordsburg in 4.5 days. It looks like I will pull in there on day 5. The one thing about hiking plans is they will change immediately upon stepping on the trail.

The pump timer came on and allowed us to have clean water.

I almost forgot. Both Jack and I each saw a rattlesnake. Frankly, it would be easier to see if I had glasses.

15.8 miles

Our views


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