Day 2

We cowboy camped last night which is just laying out your ground cloth and your bedding without the benefit of a tent and it was lovely with a cool breeze. I slept well awakening to the sight of the Milky Way above me. Up at 5:20 and walking at 6:15. A pretty uneventful day so far with just under 9 miles by 9 am.

We see Raymond at the water cache. He was to let Jim know I was well and mostly recovered from the stings.

It got hot early and we headed though a section where one played ‘find the marker.’ The markers in this section are 4×4 posts with a rock on top. The elevation chart shows mostly down hill but did not say anything about crossing arroyo after arroyo. Up and down slipping and sliding on loose rock.

Cactus in blooom

We decided to go off trail to a windmill. (The windmill was lying next to the tank). We found a spot of shade and had lunch and tried to relax. Did I say it was HOT? Thermometer said 111 degrees.

After an hour or so a lovely couple drove up. He was scouting where the bighorn sheep could be found as he was lucky enough to get a sheep tag which is by lottery in the state. Anyway, they gave us a ride back to the trail during which time two border patrol vehicles stopped us. We had a pleasant visit with them and our driver found out where the patrol guy sees sheep.

Short mileage again. We do well in the morning but it changes to plodding in the 100+ degree afternoon. We will try to do better.

Dandelion in greenery

Total miles 13.7

Bed at 8

Barrel cactus with a twist
Rack of ribs anyone?
Large stand of cacti

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