Day 1

Crazy crook to mile 7.6

Left Lordsburg at 6:45 instead of 6 am as planned due to the shuttle being a bit late. Sharing the shuttle are Jack from Golden CO and Matt from NC. Both are experienced hikers and it remains to be see if we hike together for any length Of time.

We met Songbird and 5 Star who were in Lordsburg after completing the first section. They did say it was very hot and the rattlesnakes were plentiful. I am going to try and follow their lead of getting up and beginning to hike about 4:30 each day to beat some of the heat. The weather predicts temps in the mid 90s for this next week.

Starting at the Mexico/New Mexico border

Call me Stinger! I have a new trail name. Why you may wonder? We (three of us) were shuttled to the trail with a 2 mile walk left to reach the monument at the Mexico border. That was a nice walk on an overcast day. Matt and I reached the border and did the obligatory photo with the obelisk at the Southern Terminus. I thought it would be good for me to wait for Jack to take his photo.

After saying so long to Matt I went over to my pack to put sun lotion on while waiting. Bad mistake. Out of nowhere came a swarm of bees intent on getting me to move. Crawling in my hair, under my hat, under my collar, up my sleeves, under my skirt and under my glasses they were vicious! I was being stung so much I left my pack and started running up the trail, whipping off my shirt and waving it around as much as I could still trying to comb bees from my hair—I’m sure you get the picture. Poor Jack didn’t know what I was doing as I headed toward him other than here comes a crazy lady. He was about 200 yards from the monument when we met up and the little boogers still attacked only now I had a diversion for them in Jack. He only was stung about 6 times. We backed up the trail until they left, leaving Jack’s pack next to the trail and mine still at the trailhead. It took another two tries to retrieve my pack being stung again and again. Jack, poor nice guy, got his knife out and removed lots of stingers. The count is between 50-60 for sure, maybe more. Unfortunately, with the bees invading me I removed my glasses and flung them somewhere so I won’t see as much as I could.

The Benadryl and the stings wiped me out and Jack was kind enough to stop hiking and stay with me to see if the effects would abate. So, after 3.5 hours we are headed out to try to make 12 miles to the first water cache.

Well, we didn’t make the water cache. We are 6 miles shy. The plan is to get up early and put in some miles. It should be interesting as we were told the markers are difficult to see.

Old adobe where I recovered from bee stings

We are trying cowboy camping tonight. That is camping under the stars sans tent. The star identifying app will come in handy.

Filtering water
Skinny cactus
Flower from above cactus
Jack crossing a dry wash
One of many lizards

2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Wow, that’s a terrible situation. And day 1? I hope your trip becomes less eventful quick. You’ll have to buy some “Honey Stingers” at the next fancy store you come to.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Rob. By research it was determined ti be hornets. The next group of people got stung as well but only 2-3 times. The worst part is losing my glasses. Lesson: carry a spare, they truly are not heavy. Out tomorrow morning at 4.


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