Jim writing

Get into Lordsburg after driving from Abilene TX the previous night. El Paso TX even with restrictions from Covid-19 the air quality is horrible. Thick haze and stinging of the nasal passages.

Get to our motel (It is full at 25% capacity due to current restrictions – Ouch that hurts) and the shuttle driver asked if we can leave at 6am not 6:15 as originally planned. Beth jumps at a chance to start walking before the heat of the day starts climbing.

In the motel room a last chance pack explosion occurs and things are changed out or taken out after listening to some other people who just got in from walking from the border. Inside pack temperatures of 131F so any type of chocolate treat/food is out of the question. Beth has a small amount which she will eat while traveling in the shuttle and/or walking to the border.

Jack, another hiker leaving today, has been in town for a couple of days adding water cashes along the way for himself and others. He is roaming around with no one in sight, back and forth, and ends up being pulled over by the border patrol. 3 cars and a helicopter. Not much to do so they were checking up on him.

A somewhat restless night for Beth but better than the previous night at the KOA (noisy – loud road noise from a textured road pavement on I-30) and up early to be prepared for an early start. NOT!


The shuttle driver oversleeps and they finally leave about 6:45am. Two other gentlemen are starting out with Beth, Max who has hiked all over the world and Jack who I think I heard him say has done many short hikes but nothing of this length.

Hiking preparedness with social distancing taking place


Until the shuttle.


The conversation the previous night stated that the first day is reasonable but the second day trail markings are almost nonexistent. And to think Beth met someone many years ago who had done the CDT in the late 70’s. Very few maps/guidance, different types of food for hiking and of course clothing. How things have and continue to change in our lifetimes.

One thought on “Lordsburg

  1. Excited for you Beth! I know so many plans have changed, and I’m glad you tried to balance your adventure and the COVID situation. I hope you have a safe, healthy, and enjoyable journey. I’ll be following along rooting for you!


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