Headed West

The decision has been made. Considering the Covid-19 situation in each state I have decided to get on the trail. The hike will be different than normal as there will be fewer folk hiking and less interaction in towns than in a normal year. For the past 45 days I have rarely left home or interacted with others besides Jim and, as a result, feel my risk of being a carrier or having Covid-19 are slim. I do have a mask and gloves for my town visits as well.

As this is written, Jim and I are in West Texas expecting to arrive in Lordsburg, NM later today. We only had two stops for gas, ate prepared food from home and camped last night to minimize contacts. At the moment Jim realizes he’s has a 14 day quarantine upon return to Kentucky. My thanks to him for being willing. Of course, perhaps he can’t wait to put me on the trail and have some alone time. 🙂

The Continental Divide Trail is one of the most popular long traits in the National Park Service Scenic Trails system. It follows the Continental Divide through the Rocky Mountains for a distance of about 3100 miles. Elevations range from around 4100 ft up to 13,000+ feet. The trail begins on the south at the New Mexico/Mexico border at a place called Crazy Cook and winds through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming,Idaho and Montana passing through Glacier National Park and ending at the Canadian border near Waterton, Alberta.

I am electing to skip Colorado for two reasons. Most likely the snow cover will still be quite heavy and due to a prior commitment, I must be home before August 25. I will go next July and walk Colorado. Having hiked a good portion of Colorado, this approach makes sense to me.

The normal completion time is 4-6 months dependent upon weather conditions, person physical readiness and, of course, how many miles one can walk in a day. I hope to average around 20 miles a day.

Tomorrow morning at 6:15 I will take a shuttle that will drop me off two miles from the trail head. What is another 2 miles over the expected 2200? My town stops will be every 3 to 6 days where I will post my trail happenings.

Thank you in advance for following me and wish me well writing an interesting blog (not my strength). Check back in about five days. By the way, Gregg, you will he missed.

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