Hurry Up and Wait

Our plans have been to leave on April 10 and take a leisurely trip to Lordsburg, NM when Gregg and I were to begin our journey north. My how things change.

Unless one actually has be in a cave for the past month, the Covid-19 virus has made a huge impact on the world, trickling down to everyone’s small corner of the world. First, Gregg had to back out of the trip to continue care of his elderly father since his siblings are unable to travel and help out. New Mexico has a stay in place order (and has for some time) with a quarantine of 14 days for anyone entering the state. That was due to expire on April 10. Kentucky now has a do not travel ban in place, even discouraging people in border cities like Clarksville, TN and Hopkinsville, KY from crossing the state line. Anyone returning or entering Kentucky is to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Knowing my contact for the past month has been mostly limited to Jim and perhaps 3 other people, maybe one a week, I am reasonably sure of my health and by mailing my packages to post offices along the way feel sure any contact with anyone would be minimal. I was ready to go.

Of course, the old conscious reared it’s head. Yes, I can go, interacting with very few (less than 4) people along the way and utilizing an “in and out” plan for resupply. However, what makes me superior to anyone else who follows the SIP orders? Doesn’t that put me on par with the yahoos that have disregard for things such as double yellow lines on the road? (Yes, in KY, it seems that the locals thing the no passing on double yellow does not apply.) Heaven knows, that behavior is irritating. Therefore, I cannot in good conscience leave on my hike now. It would be selfish and irresponsible.

So, here are my meals for 106 days, ready and waiting for the OK to travel. It looks like, if possible, I will have a long section hike later in the year.

Here is hoping that the Covid-19 virus can be conquered soon with as few deaths as possible. Kentucky today had 54 new diagonoses and 14 deaths. It is a sad time for all.


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