What to Do

Anyone not residing under a rock knows about the Covid-19 issue. Well, Greg and I booked a shuttle from Lordsburg, NM to the southern terminus over a month ago to depart on April 14. With the Coronovirus, the Continental Trail Divide Coalition has cancelled the shuttle until, at this time, April 17. What to do? Also, the governor of New Mexico has imposed a 14 day quarantine of anyone coming to NM until April 1.

Let’s consider things. Any person can be a silent carrier. To combat that I am staying in the house, seeing only Jim until our leaving date of April 10. One fear is that when going into towns, numbers of hikers will gather at hostels, hotels, eateries, etc. and may inadvertently be infected or infect the locals. Many of the trail towns are very small and have many at risk people, limited health care options if any, and many people may not have health insurance. If a hiker is infected, will he/she have the time and funds to be quarantined for two weeks in a town? Right now there are some hikers out there who have seen no other hikers in over 100 miles and have limited their access to towns. If they decide to return home how would that happen with meeting people in crowded areas such as buses, trains and planes. Is that the best thing for them? All very good questions and concerns.

My plan has always been to go into town, pick up my mail drop, MAYBE pick up some tortillas/cheese and walk out, spending minimum amounts of time in town. The socializing aspect of any trail is not a focus for me, never has been.  So, again, what to do? We are a couple of weeks away from a ‘do or die’ date and we are following the news carefully. Stay tuned.

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