Since the first of the year, Greg and I have gone on one or two night trips to build miles as we plan on 20+ mile days on the trail. Our longest hike was 47 miles in 2.5 days.  There is a huge difference now than when we started in stamina and strength. Will it be enough? Maybe. If not, we will walk ourselves into shape on the trail.

We have maps, both paper and digital. CDT maps both digital and paper and Guthook application on the phone. Both the Guthook and the CDT digital maps have a GPS feature to help when we become bewildered. We have studied the trail and have decided on towns to resupply every 3 to 6 days. The resupply will be a mixture of mail drops from home and purchases locally in the trail towns.

I have been dehydrating meals for the trail. Figuring 106 days, that is a bit of food. In planning I have about 10 different meals so each week there won’t be a repeat of dinner. Breakfast and lunch are a different matter.

As of this week, March 25, 99% of the food is packed, sorted and ready for mailing. Some perishables will be purchased along the way of included in the boxes when mailed. It is a gamble as to whether I will ever eat some of the foods ever again. Time will tell.


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