Barcelona Spain – 18.4km

Today’s journey takes us to Sagrada Familia Cathedral only after I hiked back to Barcelona HD for some stuff.

After many days of emails and WhatsApp phone calls finally hook up with our friends Steve and Cathy from upper New York who will be taking the same cruise back to the states, we catch up to them outside Sagrada. Since tickets were sold out directly through Sagrada Familia we left the internet work and found a tour group who had some openings that would fit our schedule.

The Sagrada Familia Cathedral was started in 1882 and was to be somewhat a traditional cathedral. A year later Antoni Gaudi took the reins and redesigned most everything about the cathedral except for the crypts which were well underway. It would cost too much to tear down and rebuild.

For the next 43 years until his untimely death in a tram accident he was involved heavily in the building of the structure which also led to living on site. His forward thinking with sketches and models has kept his vision alive for the upcoming unusual looking cathedral. They are attempting to finish the cathedral by 2026, 100 years after his death. The current architects have been reluctant that this timeline could be kept. They have recently revised their thinking.

Kris VanWinkle, there is so much more completed since our visit. I will send photos later to compare.

The colors are a result of the sun shining through the stained glass.
Joseph is one of only 4 statues inside the Sagrada. Mary, Jesus and St. George are the others.


St. George
The incredible ceiling of the Sagrada Familia
A small sample of the modern stained glass in Sagrada Familia!

The model of the finished cathedral.

Land part of this trip ends with a Flamenco dance performance.

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