Porto to Barcelona – 13.5km

Early flight to Barcelona so up at 3:30 to get to the airport. Ended up we had a bunch of extra time but who knows when dealing with airports you do not know!

A long taxi ride to our hotel – traffic jams and slowdowns. Big cities!!!

Get to our hotel and it has been just lightly drizzling from the airport but decides to change to a downright cloudburst. Taxi driver was not happy. Luckily get our room even though we are early and unpack and devise a plan as the weather is off and on rain.

Have a bite to eat and run into a couple from Georgia Tech who said the Sagrada Familia Cathedral by Gaudi is sold out for the next few days. Ouch.

Decide to walk that way first and punt. This has been under construction for nearly 200 years. Their intent is to have it finished by 2026. Beth was here last year and many changes have taken place.

Hike down to the Picasso Museum have a bite to eat and then to find it is crowded and a line is outside waiting to buy tickets. Punt.

Try to visit the Chocolate Museum but there is a long line. It is Wednesday and places are crowded.

Find a local open air under cover though city market (Permanent Farmer’s Market) and the the rain starts again big time. The wide range of vegetables, meats, seafood, olives, dried fruits and nuts and more. Interesting range of aromas.

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