Barcelona Spain – 17.9km

Over the past three days we have tasted 32 different port wines. We have found out that our tastes are skewed to the expensive ports and the obscure wineries. Vasques d’Calvalho and Burmester. Oh my!

Was able to tour the Picasso museum only to find out that 19 of their pieces are on temporary loan to Paris. we decided not to go to Paris Picasso as we would be seeing the best in Barcelona. Oops. Several early pieces Beth and I agreed would be nice to have. His later work not so much. Interesting no pictures were allowed.

Nice lunch and tour the port. Many very small yachts are in port. Vendors everywhere selling goods. They seemed to be in groups – Russians, South African, India and such.

Found the East Indian area of the city. Too bad, as that would have been an interesting change of food from the last 38 days.

A little early to be down and out 12:01pm.

Columbus pointing the way to the New World.

Found the Harley shop and they were closed for siesta. Wait until 4pm but they still did not open. Hmm! Might get back.

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