Santiago de Compostela – 8.39km

Touring the city finding STUFF to bring home.

Toured the city market (Farmer’s market – 7 days a week) and bought some wonderful cheese which he vacuum packed for us.

Found a place to eat and was able to get half portions. The start of restricting our intake of food.

Heard there was a tea shop in the old city but it turned out to be a small amount of tea, lots of spices and dried fruit and such. But more importantly on the way to find it we are walking up a street and we hear “Jim, Jim”. A young lady from Netherlands and her friend Robin also from the Netherlands both of whom we had had long conversations with a few days ago saw us first. They were happy to see us again as were we and to catch up on their upcoming travel plans.

They are now hiking to Finisterra and then to Muxia and then Robin will be going to Buenes Aires and Mete is going to Norway. Good for them!!!

But two doors down was a chocolatier shop. A hot cup of fresh chocolate and churros (An extruded dough that is deep fried and sugared)

Toured the Peregrino museum that we had heard about at the 10am English mass at the cathedral. Another Camino moment as we pay for our museum ticket in front of us is the Filipino Priest from the 10am mass. Found out his history and reason for coming to Santiago.

Very informative museum about pilgrimages and St. James The Apostle, The Knight and buried and moved and lost for a couple of hundred years. The rediscovery of his burial spot really started the act of a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in 834.

The meaning of being a peregrino.

The past versus the present peregrino.

A bit of history on St. James.

The birds view of the old city of Santiago de Compostela

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