Porto, Portugal – 14.7km

A brisk morning of 44F and a brisk walk to start the morning. Especially since on the Camino parts are having ice and snow and more rain.

Waiting for the Port wineries or cellars to open for the day and run into not a Thursday night bike night but a Sunday morning gathering. And when I say every type of motorcycle imaginable seems to be there I mean it. Even a possibility for Jeff at FRHD. Indians, HD (A very few), dirt bikes, scooters, powered bicycles. We were in the area all day and all morning they just kept coming. At 8am there were easily 60 to 70 present. About 2 hours later still over a hundred with many leaving and more coming. Talking to one of the sommeliers – she rolled her eyes and said yes this is a Sunday morning regular thing. Very impressive! The snacks shops were busy.

Sunday morning also brought out the sculling groups. From 1 to 8 person sculls.

Then the normal crowds starting showing up as the street vendors multiplied. Flea market, popcorn, roasted chestnuts, cotton candy and entertainment including bridge jumping (Young men raising money by jumping off the bridge!)

Porto is very picturesque. This is the old section from across the river.
Four different Port wines. Truly an education.
This is the tasting garden. It was a bit too chilly.

Headed back to the hotel and supermarcado for a snack and port tasting and run into a yearly student celebration. Kind of an initiation. Easily a couple of thousand students.

Tomorrow the bookstore called Livraria Lello in Porto, Portugal. Known for J.K. Rowling while being an English teacher in the area came to the bookstore to write. Supposedly an inspiration for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series of books.

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