Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre – 32km

This morning’s hike goes through several cities/villages with no cafes. Finally a rest and greeted with some interesting decorations.

A glimpse of Santiago getting closer.


Wall art.


First glimpse of cathedral.

Musical greeting. Of the three bagpipers we saw greeting peregrinos this guy was the best.

A short video clip.

Going past the bagpiper we turn the corner to be greeted by the square in front of the Cathedral. We did it! The emotions were running pretty high for myself and a number of other people having reached the end of the journey to Santiago de Compostela.

The front of the cathedral is being worked on specifically the Portico of Glory so our entrance to the front of the cathedral is diverted to the side.

The square in front of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

On to Fisterra/Finisterra for a hopeful green flash sunset at the “End of the World” or “The Coast of Death” during Columbus’s time and back to Roman times.

Arrive in Finisterra and what I thought would be a nice albergue after seeing and feeling how the bus traversed the city we decide on a different albergue that is presented to us as we get off the bus. A bit of a free spirit Germán pronounced Hermann and a little bit of a wonder if this is our Ramon for the trip. (Reference the movie “The Way”)

On the way to the albergue we stop for a late lunch (Great shrimp and garlic dish and a HUGE greek salad for Beth) so we can head out to the point later and there is a row of restaurants along the ocean front. Pick “El Peurto “ local climatizado as a stopping place.

Sitting in front is Jim whose feet are famous for “The Blisters” picture from days past. We have not seen him for days as he powered forward with a friend and finished 2 days before us. The Camino has its way again.

The lighthouse point at Finisterra.

The Finisterra Camino “0” kilometer marker. We found out later that if we walked to Muxia from Finisterra we would be awarded a special Compostela. Only a 28km hike. Our bus trip to Porto is already booked and paid for.

A haze hugs the horizon so a pretty sunset but no green flash.

And on the walk back to the albergue we are presented with a full moonrise. We started this odyssey with a full moon and end it the same.

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