Sarria to Gonzar – 31.8km

Cool start but starting with some serious ups gets us warmed up and shedding clothes. We are hiking through farm country with “the way” passing right through the middle of farm after farm. The smell of country, money and pine trees fills the air! Talk about pumpkins and more pumpkins.

The valleys are filled with a rolling fog that we are hiking above until late in the morning. It then gets a little chilly.

100KM to go.

Find a little road side market (Peter Pank’s place) where we eat leftover Spanish pizza from last night and another 2 Cokes. That makes 4 on this trip which is more than we have had in 10 years at home. Nice shop with lots of interesting trinkets and a series of songs of a tenor singing opera. He tells us they are Koreans singing the music!

A little later we are presented with an option. Guess which one we did?

Ancient ruins from the Romans.

As the day progresses it gets a bit warmer and sunnier and JD is running out of steam and at that moment an apple appears on the side of the path, no apple trees around. A short bit later finish off the rest of the pizza and barely make it into town. My FitBit has been telling me I am burning between 4 to 6,000 calories day. On the cruise home it is half portions for me so I don’t put all the weight back on!

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