Las Herrerias to Fonfría – 20.4km

With it being a bit this morning we started up 3 of the 4 tough up sections. Bare slate and granite slightly wet makes for careful footing. We have heard over the past couple of days two people falling and breaking an arm or such so we proceed carefully.

During the second up we are presented with some amazing postcard pictures.

We ran into a tour group from Taiwan with a local guide that started today and are going to Santiago! If they have a problem the tour bus is right there which is also carrying their luggage!

Get to Fonfría in time to do our thorough weekly clothes wash.

Then comes dinner at 6:30 yeah!

This ties with “The Black Pearl” for our favorite meal. Simple meal of soup (I think everybody had seconds and some thirds), rice with sausage, pees, mushrooms and red peppers followed by an almond cake. Found out the almond cake is brought in but the rest is made in house!

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