Fonfría to Sarria – 29.5km

Supposed to kinda be done with serious ups. NOT! Count 50 and catch your breathe!

In Ramil found a small Chestnut tree!

Dropped in to what is a commune. One gentlemen said I have been here 5 days. When I passed through I decided to stay awhile.

Tomorrow sometime in the morning we should run across the start of the last 100km of the “El Camino de Santiago”. This last section of the Camino is the most traveled as it is the minimum you need to do to get your Compostela. We have been hearing from people in front of us from their blogs, that it is crowded and the new peregrinos are just out for a good time! We will see!

Tonight we have an Italian Spanish pizza. Filling and leftovers for breakfast!

Tonight’s lodging was rehabilitated in 2014 and was the home of the “Town Doctor”.

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