Cacabelos to Las Herrerias – 30.1km

Having gotten a fairly good nights sleep and waking up a bit hungry we head out at 6:45. I have an immediate three goals – the next three towns one at a time.

In wine country again with hills and hills of vineyards.

Pretty much stop at very town to have a snack and a bit of rest.

Ended up one town farther than Beth was intending to get to today.

Tomorrow is a challenge – 650 to 700 meter rise in altitude over 7.4km. Hopefully it will not be a bunch of very loose rock. Otherwise it will be many sets of counting to 50 and catching ones breath.

I made the comment a few days ago to a fellow peregrino that the Camino is 30 days or so of being slightly to greatly out of breath while walking.

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