Santa Catalina de Somoza to El Acebo – 28km for Beth

Jim takes a taxi and Beth hikes. Timing is everything, 2 hours of hiking, Beth pops out of the forest as my taxi drives by! Beautiful vistas with the valley blanketed in fog.

Beth: The morning began with dense fog as I left the Albergue at 6:20. I walked for 2 hours before seeing another pelegrino. That was just before a taxi went by. I didn’t see Jim as the windows were tinted.

The day cleared off beautifully as the gradual climb took me to Foncebadon. There with a nice cup of tea and croissant, I was able to visit with the group who helped Jim yesterday. Australia, Denmark, Spain, UK were all represented in the group. Lots of laughs and fun with them.

Foncebadon is an OLD village as evidenced by some of the houses and the bell tower.

Next stop: Cruz Ferro where the stone brought from home was laid down as a symbol of leaving your worries behind. (Luci, yours was placed as well.)

The Knights Templar played a large part in the history of this region and there is a small enclave at Manjarin with Tomas as a modern Templar.

Early in our walk we met a fellow pilgrim named Jim from Minnesota. As this is his third Camino we asked why he kept returning. He gave several reasons but the one most impressive was that he “enjoyed walking through a postcard every day”. Here are some ‘postcards from today.

The Albergue tonight is the newest and fanciest we have stayed. Only 10 Euros buys a bed in this facility. There is a hydro spa, massages, a pool, lovely views and dinner available. We have a balcony on our room, too bad it is a bit cool to sit out for long.

Tomorrow Jim is going to send his pack ahead and walk for 3 km then take a taxi to meet me another 30 km down the road. We hope he feels 100% by the end of tomorrow.

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