Leon to Villar de Mazarife – 20.9km

Head to the cathedral after sleeping at bit later since the tours don’t start until 9:30.

Find that it is flea market, framers market and meat market day.

Found several interesting things that would be used at home BUT not going to carry it. We wished we could have a way to bring home some “treasures”. Reason prevailed as we knew whatever purchased would have to be carried. There was a LOT of neat stuff. The Farmer’s Market was 1/2 a block in size with an amazing array of fruits and veggies.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria was started in Middle of the 8th century and finished in 50 years. One plaque we found mentioned 839 which we think is finish date. Years later the dome/roof start failing and an architect removes the roof for renovation which destabilizes the entire wall system resulting almost in the entire collapse of the Cathedral. Another architect takes over and stabilizes the entire Cathedral with a massive scaffolding system until repairs could be made over many years. When finished the scaffolding was remove and it is said the walls groaned with the weight being applied back on to them but everything remains stable until today.

Over 1800 sq. Meters of stain glass in this cathedral. One of the largest collection of stain glass. Many unique carved figures throughout the church.

Head out of Leon to La Virgen Del Camino and at the Virgen Del Camino we run across a wedding in progress. Any ideas on the year of the Fleetwood Cadillac?

Pilgrim art on a building
Church bells
Gotta love the ridge line.
Water tower.
Mosaic at entry to town

Pilgrim art outside of town.

Pilgrim statue.
Church bell tower with stork nests.
Huge nests!
Truth in advertising

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