Calzadilla de la Cueza to Bercianos del Real Camino- 34.8km

For me actually a bit of a fun day, hiking in the rain. Shhh don’t tell Beth!

At our second village Terradillos de los Templarios stop to warm up a bit. Wonderful hot chocolate. Ended up it was fresh made chocolate pudding! Novel idea and useful this winter!

Outside Sahagún we find a old church.

Wonderfully good and hot lentil soup while dodging some rain.

Last several days has been mostly all the same -farm fields. Sunflowers, wheat, a little corn, a few grapevines and on and on!

From what I can tell today we crossed over the half way mark. Beth says we are ahead of schedule but I wonder. (Beth actually says we are ON schedule.)

It is nice to see signs that have less than 400 km to go. There have been instances that we see a sign stating 472 km to Santiago, we hike 7 or 8 km and see another sign saying 477 km to Santiago. We think they had a bungee cord measurement device.

Lodging for the night and they are packed! Donotivo.

We all sing a special song written for peregrinos to the tune of LaBamba. We have the lyrics but have to translate. All the Spanish speaking people laughed at the lyrics!

Lobby of the Albergue. The pattern in the floor is formed by setting stones on edge.
Antique thresher.
Stove in back room

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