Bercianos del Real Camino to Leon – 27.8km

Start off early and find a village with a bar open and they have the most marvelous French toast. Now how to duplicate it at home!

Get to Leon and as we found out earlier today it is a holiday. Explorers day kind of like our Columbus Day. Stay at Albergue San Francisco de Asis as they are a larger albergue and we did not want, hopefully, to be searching for a room. Asked if they had room for us and what we got was a private room for two with private shower and key card entry for 30 EUR.

Quick shower and time to visit Leon. Many small shops are closed but the museums and cathedral are open. The Cathedral of Santa Maria was built (found out much later) on the ruins of a Roman bath house.

Able to walk through the Roman ruins dating from the 1st to 3rd century.

Cathedral is going through a major renovation but still the accents and enormity of the structure is unbelievable. (More tomorrow when we tour the cathedral!)

Run into many peregrinos that we know and catch up on injuries, food, places stayed or camped out at.

Many bars closing at 7 for the holiday but finally find one that would start serving in another 20 minutes. Slight mistake as Beth’s meal comes and close to 15 or more minutes later my dish comes. No excuses but a full bill! A couple at the next table had a similar issue!

Jim had cod served with ratatouille and I had chicken kabobs with potatoes and we shared a plate of “pimentos “. The pimentos are small green peppers that seem to be roasted and seasoned. Delicious! At least Jim had something to eat while waiting on his tardy meal.

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