Rabe de las Calzadas to Castrojeriz – 28.6km

The albergue has a poster on the wall of church steeples along the Camino.

After a little more than the toast and jelly breakfast we head out to a bit warmer temperatures than we anticipated. Oh well shed some layers but Beth plays clothes exchange all day.

The first small village we hit has a small cafe but decide to move on since it did not have a bathroom. Oops, 10.7km to the next cafe for some food. We were dragging by then!

We hit the start of the Mesa which extends for many miles and for a short time hit with a very light mist. The nice thing is we are treated to a full rainbow for quite a distance walking.

Finally reach that next village (guide book says town is not seen until you are almost upon it).

There are many surprises found on the Camino. Who knew Saint Bridget from Sweden would have an honorarium.

Thousands of peregrinos make for a depression!

Beth investigates some old remains.

San Anton brings the partially saved remains of the Convent of San Anton – 14th century but founded in 1146. If we were not on a tight schedule this would have been a nice stop over for the night.

Reach our lodging for the night “The Casa Nostra”. Unique to say the least.

Church of Santa Domingo is closed today but has some interesting carved figures.

“Oh Eternity”
“Oh death”

Our dining experience tonight has a huge display of currency, behind glass, on the walls and beams.

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