Castrojeriz to Villarmentero de Compos – 35.7km

For our 36 anniversary we hike my longest one day hike ever!

Happy Anniversary Beth!

Day starts off with an up and down.

The up is 1000 meters long with a 12% grade. The down 350 meters in length but a 18% grade! Get warm get cool! The following valley has us walking through fog with chilly temperatures and a second sunrise over the hill we just went over!

Came across another stay if we had time. No electric and dinner by candlelight!

Into the Provincia de Palencia.


There are still giant bales of hay and straw along the way. Jim is dwarfed by them.

We intended to get to Villalcázar de Sirga another 4.2 km but our feet gave out. We end up at what best could be called a 60’s hippie commune. The communal dinner is wonderful with three types of soup (The vegetable chirozu was the best, also lentil and bean), nice salad and a ratatouille tortilini pasta dish. As well as some fresh bread. We were all full and out comes the chicken and French fries. Finish off with two types of melon!

11 peregrinos – 4 Spaniards, 2 Italians, 1 Swiss, 1 France, 1 German and the 2 of us! Could not understand 99% of the conversations but the food was GOOD!

Great internet tonight! 22MB down!

3 thoughts on “Castrojeriz to Villarmentero de Compos – 35.7km

  1. Happy belated anniversary!
    Dinner sounds fabulous, and the sites are simply stunning!
    (And look how tiny you look, Jim! 😊)


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