Villafranca Montes de Oca to Orbaneja Riopico – 27.3km

Another cool start with a big question of whether my bag will be picked up. We will see. The pack moving service JacoTrans has been doing a great job. Especially when we choose an albergue and it happens to be closed.

Started with a big up which got us both warmed up big time. This allowed us to walk under a tree canopy until after sunrise, then continue in a forest on a fire break path. Monument to 300 local people killed in the 1936-1939 Spanish war, wind turbines and a pleasant hike so far.

Come out of the forest into pasture land and more walking through a postcard.

Somebody had too much time on their hands. Rock maze!

Stop for a bit to eat mid morning and the young group of peregrinos call ahead to where we think we are staying tonight and are told they are closed. OUCH. Where did my bag go then? Several attempts to find my bag fail so we keep on walking. As Ryan a fellow peregrino stated “things work out on the Camino” and they did. Found the albergue and my bag and they are allowing us to stay the night. “We close at 7 she said”. Simple dinner and time to catch up on things as we are the only ones here so the WiFi is reasonable.

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