Orbaneja Riopico to Burgos – 11.4 km ended up 26.7km

Tomorrow Burgos only 11.4km and I am going to try to walk with my pack as my knees are being reasonable and the walking the next few days should be relatively flat.

The weather has changed a bit for the cooler, lower 40’s with a projected high of 58.

Walk in the dark for almost an hour and a half but thanks to an app we have (cheap $4.99 insurance) we quickly found out we made a wrong turn. Just a few block retrace of our steps.

Get to Burgos about 9:30 via a convoluted route, have a morning snack at a very nice cafe. The locals (government workers) having breakfast and a beer.

Find the cathedral and OH MY! The architectural detail of this building is amazing.

We decide to not stay in Burgos for two reasons, my knees where doing okay and with it being Sunday many things are opening after we get there. So forge on for another 12.2 or 14.2km.

Tarjados brings a pleasant surprise. Today is their potata festival. The aromas from all the dishes being prepared for consumption is overwhelmingly. Found a cheese vendor and take some with us, including his family if we could! When taking a picture in this area you don’t say cheese but potata.

The Oscars of Potatoes!

The “Oscars” are awaiting the judging!
This group did an awesome job!

Look at the stork nest on the bell tower.
The vegetation is almost engulfing the building.
This rose bush must be 50 years old or more. Look at the size of the cane.

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