So much to tell…

Jim has been good to post for a couple of days. I have been walking 15 to 21 miles while he is trying to get his knees to recuperate. Sore feet! The bad part of stopping mid afternoon is not being able to see the towns in all their glory. The shops close up, even to the point of pulling down their shutters making the towns feel as if it is the middle of the night. There are very few places open, maybe a bar/cafe or, if lucky a supermarketo. They open again around 5:30-6 but do not serve food until 8 pm. We do prefer to eat earlier. Yesterday, Monday, was a long walk and I was hungry. The only place we could find food was a bar so we each had a small jabon (ham) and cheese sandwich with a cup of tea. The bill was 4.65 euros. I have always been a cheap date!

Tonight I am posting photos of the last few days’ walks. There is so much to impart and pictures tell so much.

Jim in front of the Jesus y Maria Alberge in Pamplona.
Streets of Pamplona

They run bulls in Pamplona! Well, in July. This is he only bull we saw.
A door for Margaret.

El Camino marking in Pamplona.
Pilgrims headed to the next town.
View from afar.
Old churches are the center of these small communities.

An El Camino symbol on the side of a cafe.

Erected by the local power company this sculpture reads: “Donde se Cruz’s el Camino del viento con el de las estrellas” (Where the way of the wind meets the way of the stars.)

We joke about growing rocks in Kentucky, these look like they truly were plowed.
Appaloosa Ponies for sale.

Sculpture outside a small cafe in the countryside.
Who has ever seen a black slug?
Ushia from Bulgaria in walking in native dress.

Pamplona is a fortified city. Look at Jim at the bottom. It would have been hard to scale those walls.
Jim keeping the drawbridge from closing and leaving me on the outside.

Public water fountain
Spigot at water fountain.

Flat rocks on edge make for interesting designs on sidewalk

Wooden Pilgrim statue

Pilgrim gates.
Pilgrim gate detail
Pilgrim statue

Running the bull in Puente Le Reina
Door knocker

Tourist train in Estrella

Wine and water at this fountain. Your choice?
Ruth (Spain) and me at the fountain. We both got water and wine,
This was atop a building with steps leading to a well.
Boots are made for walking.

Iglesia del Santo Sepulcro in Torres del Rio

This is the El Camino way marker in Castillia, another state in Spain.

This Rosen’s name is “The Way of St. James”.
The following images were taken in this church. Amazing.
This altar was built in a four year period from 1694 to 1698. Incredible!

So sorry for the blur.

Botafumeiro in Iglesias de la Asunción

Exterior of Iglesias de la Asunción

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