Several day update – JD

PUDS as they are called. Pointless ups and downs.

The hike to Roncesvalles with both hard ups and treacherous downs took out both knees. To say the least I am not happy. Vitamin I, Voltaren cream, Tiger balm from a fellow peregrino from Korea and knee braces help a little. Modify my stride, the way I point my toes and heavy use of my poles and I only internally scream a few times.

In Zubiri we visit the Farmacia for a better knee brace with side supports and some cold medicine for Beth as she feels some of the beginnings effects from her pneumonia from a couple of months ago. After an interesting dinner and DESSERT it is time to sleep. Our room has 5 bunk beds with our very friendly South Korean contingent (the young boy (Koni) of 10 does not shy away from anyone. Amazing young man!) and 2 brothers with one girlfriend. Interesting sleeping arrangement as one brother and the lady do a bunch of kissing, get into the lower bunk and spoon the entire night.

The next morning we start again. At a cafe we ship my pack ahead to Pomploma to see if almost no weight will help. On the flats it somewhat does but PUDS nope!

On one section we meet a gentleman with a food stand that met Martin Sheen during the filming of “The Way” with also a warning about staying out of nettles. Beth found out too late.

Pomploma on a Friday night. Interesting shops, street vendors, street artists (music, puppets and more) and the architecture. Finally find a place to eat and to say the least the portion sizes are huge.

Beth and I discuss, mostly Beth, and I am on a bus for 1 to 3 days to see if that helps my knees.

Pomploma to Puenta la Reina.

Beth starts off early as usual and I leave shortly after for the bus station and what I thought was following the directions given, end up kinda lost and after several attempts at help, 3 police offices point out on the map where I am at. More walking but the knees are cooperating.

Get my bus ticket, help a fellow pilgrim going the other direction, and a short 30 minute ride to Puenta la Reina.

Built/started in 1122, YES 1122, an amazing little town with what just happens to have three days of festivals, this being day two.

Visit Saint James church, get my credencial stamped.

Walk around town and stumble onto the alberge for the night, a room for 4. Drop my pack and go be a tourist.

The aroma was wonderful!!!

Festival parade.

The lady and gentleman in black were the stars of the show leading everybody on the various dances. Afterward they were sweating profusely.

Come out of a butcher shop with some fresh Gouda and proceed to where I might meet up with Beth. Down the path through town I see, I think, Beth and it most certainly is. Drop her pack and told by the lady at the albergue we are sharing with a couple of young ladies. Tour, have some ice cream to tide us over and rest up a bit and a knock comes on our door with a fumbling of a key. Open and it is our two dear friends from Australia. A shriek and laughter.

Catch up and go find dinner but dinner is not served until 8pm. So a couple glasses of wine and lots of talking with fellow pilgrims we have gotten a little close to over the last few days.

Dinner finally- have to guess what we are ordering but…

Time for sleep, but a tour group of young men and women have the rest of the albergue and think that they own it. Slam doors, talk loudly stay up late and then get up before 5. BUT not quietly! Not much sleep!

So far about 50 Gb of photos and videos! And for obvious reasons just a few are not being posted until later.

2 thoughts on “Several day update – JD

  1. Glad you rested your knees! And what a fun little town you visited – looking forward to more photos when you return! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A couple of days ago Beth said she had over 2000! And then there are mine. Beth intends to start with folders – Camino shells, statues, Cathedrals, etc…


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