Puenta la Reina – JD

Beth leaves with Karen and Fran with me taking a bus this afternoon after what I will call the pitchfork races. The children’s races were supposed to start at 1:30 and you could see stuff getting ready but no one was in a hurry and due to an oops on my part I had to catch the 2 o’clock bus to Azqueta to meet up with Beth at a 5 bed albergue. Turns out it has 14 beds and I could of taken the later bus. A link to the races is here on YouTube with some history.


The albergue is called “The Black Pearl” (La Perla Negra) and owned by Helena a local who does the cooking and run by Peter born in St. Louis who happened down the Camino years ago and was asked in for a cold drink. He has stayed, off and on since, doing work for stay. Wonderful home cooked vegetarian meal of Squash soup, salad, a type of fajita, rice and ratatouille. Dessert was a local caramelized apple with caramel dish. Wonderful albergue that is a do over if ever down this path again!

To Viana

Hopefully my last day of bus rides. Will start shipping my pack ahead (A lot more planning on our part) and walking with a knapsack with minimal weight. Hope, hope, hope!

Beth leaves early and I catch a bus to Los Arcos, tour the town and find the Church of Santa Maria is closed for restoration, carpentry shop, mechanics and body shop, 3 Farmacias and a set of new windows being delivered. Triple pane with outside roll down shutters. HEAVY. Interesting system. Our US manufacturers are behind the eight ball.

The harder way on the Camino

Sit in the outer church yard and wait for the next bus. Up walks Beth. She has something to eat and drink and off again into the distance.

One thought on “Puenta la Reina – JD

  1. I am so enjoying your trip/pictures thanks for including me. Sorry I missed your departure, I was away spoiling our new granddaughter.


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