Rainy Days are Made for Museums.

Before we get into today’s activities, here are some photos from yesterday I was too tired to transfer. Martina, these shoes and dresses are for you. The flower is also chocolate.

This lady is just hanging around Paris.

Today began cool and blustery. We really enjoy the easy Metro transportation around Paris. Except, Jim’s Metro pass finked out again and he had to get it replaced a second time. I guess he needs to keep it away from his credit cards as well as his phone.

Our first stop was the Dali Musée where there was quite a sampling of his work. Mr. Levi worked with Dali beginning in 1974 and, still living, is operating this gallery. We did find out that each piece is for sale with the least expensive costing around 3000 Euros ($3,525). The sculptures we liked began at $8000 Euros. They are staying there.

As we were leaving the wind was kicking up with a mist of rain. Within a quick stroll we found the Church of Saint Pierre and toured that on our way to the Basilique du Sacre Coeur de Montmartre.

Both are impressive with amazing stained glass. At Sacre Coeur we went up to the dome for a 360 degree view of Paris. There were 400 old stone steps to climb with many scooped out by the thousands of feet taking that path. As we walked through the stone gutters along the roofline we thought about a walking through a foot of gushing water during a heavy rain. The gutters ran out into gargoyles which would really spew water. As we were descending, it began to rain.

Again, the churches were amazing and worth seeing.

In the rain we headed out to the Rodin Musée where we stood in the garden contemplating The Thinker. Inside the museum we saw multiple pieces, both complete and unfinished ones. The big surprise was seeing two Van Gogh paintings on the second floor. Those, for me were the highlight of the museum. I suppose Rodin is not my favorite sculptor.

For such a small guy, Napoleon has a huge tomb! I would give you photos but it seems they didn’t transfer from the camera to the iPad and I re-formatted the card before realizing. Bummer.

We are being spoiled with so many dinner options within a few blocks of our lodging. Once again, we had a lovely, excellent meal for a reasonable sum.

Tomorrow we are going to leave early to, hopefully, be in a reasonable spot in line for Notre Dame. Yesterday had we stayed in line we would have been nearly 1000 people out. Perhaps we will be able to walk up the towers.

4 thoughts on “Rainy Days are Made for Museums.

  1. Those shoes are nothing short of fabulous! ❤️
    Montmartre was one of my favorite stops during my trip! So Beautiful


    1. Also, my neighbor, Beth Love, is also in Paris. You might have met her at Jim and Kim’s wedding. Say hello if you run into her! Ha! 🙂


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