Day Dali & Rodin – JD

While on the Hop on Hop off bus we decided to see Paris you need a minimum of four weeks! One for each quarter of the city.

The adventure continues with a visit to Dali of Paris courtesy of Mr. Levi who now in his 90’s early on met Dali after seeing one of his sculptures and decides to buy and display many more of DALI’S works for the world to see. Much like the Leanin’ tree Museum in Boulder Colorado. Nice history about the different stages of Dali’s life.

A bite to eat and a visit to the dome (400 steps) at Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre a Knight’s Templer Church.

Speaking of which, still searching for my first glimpse of a Rose Meridian Brass marker.

Musée Rodin has the Thinker (Le Penseur) sculpture the rest for me so-so.

Napoleon’s tomb. The marble columns around the pulpit are amazing. No pictures as my phone died but I think Beth got it! Nope she just erased them by accident. Oh well!

Surprise I did get an image of the columns after all.

Try to see/eat at Paris’s version of Taste of Chicago but it had shut down because it was the last day and it started raining in the early afternoon.

Tomorrow we hope the towers at Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower.

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