Paris Day Three

We truly enjoy the number of cafes and patisseries available to us for our morning meal. The breakfast sandwiches were especially nice this morning as was the choice of teas.

We found our way to Luxembourg University for the Mucha exhibit. Separately. Upon descending into the Metro, I turned and Jim was no where to be found. I went back up a flight then over to the opposite direction of travel without finding him. Huh! What to do? I figured we would meet at the University Museum so I hopped on the Metro. Wouldn’t you know I headed the wrong direction? Two stops later I go off and went back the other direction to be faced with another challenge. Jim had the map and directions. I tried to remember to stop to disembark and got off where I thought I should be and started walking. I checked transit (bus) routes until I located the University then hopped on the appropriate bus. Did I say how glad I was we had the city transit passes? Arriving at the Museum, there was Jim. His ticket had malfunctioned and he needed to have it replaced at the Metro and got to the train just in time to see me go the wrong direction. All was good.

The Mucha exhibit was fabulous. It was especially exciting to see many of the works we had only seen in private collections. To understand more of the artist and see a broad selection of his works was amazing! The museum was intimate with only 280 people in the exhibit at the time we left. It was crowded around certain pieces but not like the thousands seen at larger venues. Many aficionados were discussing the attributes of different pieces and instructing their children or companions as to the technique and/or symbolism used. Nicely done.

What to do after the exhibit? Visit a chocolate museum, of course! Too bad we are not coming directly home, no chocolate for us! Well, only enough to consume locally. It would have been nice to bring some back for family and friends. Sorry guys.

We finished by having a scrumptious dinner, Jim with lamb and me with a potato/ham/cheese casserole, salad and a nice Merlot.

Tomorrow plans are to see Notre Dame and perhaps the Dali or Rodin Museums. Melting clocks or The Thinker? We shall see.

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