Mucha and Notre Dame – JD

Musée Luxembourg and the Alphonse Mucha exhibit.

Leave our AirBNB and get on the subway (Metro) and my 5 day pass will not work. Attendant generates a new one and off I go to find Beth on the platform waiting for me. NOPE. See her get on the train going the wrong way. Now what? Try and follow her, no, wait for her here, no, go partially to the museum and wait, no, go to the museum and wait there, YES. I have the directions and the tickets, but I wait and wait and wait at the Museum. Finally she turned around after 2 stops got off got going the right direction then got off at the wrong station, finds a bus headed that way and was dropped off near the museum.

With our iPhone tickets we are told to enter and bypass the line to get in a half hour before our assigned time???? Get the audio tour and start through the exhibit. The first thing we learn is that for 40+ years we have been pronouncing his name wrong. Moosha instead of Mucha. Spelling correct but pronounced Moosha!

Taking pictures of everything and turn into another room and see that one of the pieces we own is on display.

And several other pieces years ago that I wanted to buy but could not afford are also here. Learned a lot of history of his works and various projects he accomplished in his lifetime. From advertising pieces to artwork, jewelry, sculptures and a start of a stain glass project. Pick up the exhibition book with all the works on display in the book and several other pieces. Very dangerous museum shop!

Onwards to a interesting wine tasting where you first go through a series of information rooms learning about smells, tastes, labels, bottles and finally tasting. We each leave with a bottle of wine (included in the tour). The sommelier was dumbfounded when he brings out his sweetest wine and I find it neutral to slightly sweet. That is my tongue!

Now for the fun museum. Chocolate!

Good information most of which we learned at the Scharffenberger Factory tour in San Francisco. But an excellent range of types of chocolate and a demonstration of how filled chocolates are made. Too bad we are hiking before going on the cruise back, a number of items would be coming with us.

The day ends with Beth having an excellent baked potato/cheeses/carmalized onions dish and I have a mousse (shoulder) of lamb.

Day Three

Intentions of touring Notre Dame but get there and find a several hour wait for either a tour or climbing the 400+ steps into the towers. Another day.

Hop on Hop off it is! Good overview/background of Paris’s history, landmarks, leaders and quirks of the city. Including that the various Arc’s around the city (Arc de Triophme and several others) are where the original entrances into the city in olden times. One is next to our AirBNB.

For lunch Beth has a Hot Chocolate that is nothing like a hot chocolate. Not drink but eat with a spoon.

With the help of a bicycle tour guide while trying to figure out the map, he sends us in the right direction for two train rides to arrive at one of the two Harley-Davidson shops in Paris. T-shirt, poker chips and a special Paris HOG Chapter lapel pin.

Dinner at a Crepe Restuarant, okay but nothing like the night before.

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