Travel Day

Thanks again to Micki and Chris for taking time off work to drive us to Miami. That was a nice drive and we found Lester’s Diner for lunch. We really wish Lester’s would come to a place near us. We would be regulars!

TAP Air Portugal was a nice carrier. I especially liked the foot rest that allowed my feet not to dangle (it is the simple things). Two nice meals and a snack. Wine is served complimentary with the dinner meal which was also nice. We caught a connecting plane in LIsbon, barely. The airlines pulled us out of the LONG customs line and allowed us a dedicated customs agent and escort to the Paris flight. Did I say we had 20 minutes at that point to go through customs, go through screening again then literally run to the connecting gate? The nice escort was running as well. The connection was made with landing on time in Paris. Whew!

The bus and Metro ride to the Airbnb was easy but we had to wait for the room to be cleaned. The lady cleaned the bedroom and then we went in and napped while she finished the cleaning. We were beat.

After a visit to the Arc de Triomphe at sunset, we stopped at a cafe to eat and then back to the room and crashed.


The Louvre was on the agenda today. So much to see and days needed to see. Truly enjoyable. As expected there were hoards of people viewing the Mona Lisa. I think we enjoyed the sculptures more.

Tomorrow we are excited to see an exhibition of Jim’s favorite (ok, one of his favorites) artist, Alphonse Mucha. Timing is such that it falls into our schedule.

By the way, should you visit Paris or many other cities in Europe or even New York or New Orleans, look into the pass for that city. We purchased the Paris Pass which provides us Metro travel, entry to 60 museums and other attractions, plus discounts on food. It is great to go to the front of the line to enter the museums and not have to purchase tickets at the Metro.

Jim’s impressions

Traveling to Florida

Left 20 minutes late ran into some sprinkles and then Florida ran into some rain AND a full double rainbow.

We had decided to leave by 6am so as to not get to Micki and Chris’s too late, well 20 minutes is not too bad.

The remnants of Hurricane Florence are in the area so to Florida we drive with what ended up to be just a few sprinkles along the way. Stopped in to Tifton Harley-Davidson to see JJ in motorclothes but missed her by a few minutes.

Florida greets us with rain, sunshine and a beautiful full double rainbow. Isn’t Mother Nature wonderful.

Ended up getting to Micki and Chris’s by 8:30 and stayed up to almost midnight catching up and planning for the drive to Miami the next day.

Tuesday morning we leave time wise so we can stop before the airport and have lunch. The trip down is routine with some minor slow downs along the way.

In Coconut Beach we get off to look for a sit down restaurant and finally find after going in the wrong direction (could not find anything) for a few miles LESTER’s Diner. They have several locations in the Fort Lauderdale area and seems to be popular with the local police officers. Nice selections on the menu and very good food. We had four different menu items with all four being very good, nice portion size and reasonably priced! A definite repeat if in the area again.

The trip over the pond on TAP (Portugal Airlines) on an Airbus (321?) with 2-4-2 seating has us sitting in E and F – right in the middle last row before a bulkhead. Sitting next to me is a young lady traveling from The Bahamas to Miami to Lisbon to Ghana. Two legs of her flights are 8+ and 10+ hours. Talk about tired butt syndrome!

Nice amenities on the flight BUT too much food. Less food and more comfortable seating would have been nicer. Just could not get comfortable in my seat though Beth manages to get some shut eye.

Our connection in Lisbon to Paris is TIGHT and finally with the help of airport staff we pretty much run to catch our connecting flight. Their TSA was understanding with what was being scanned being we did not have time to put things away or get things out and dump drinking water.

Paris Orly airport has numerous people helping us get bus passes and money exchanged. Our tempers with each other are short being tired and a bit dehydrated. But we manage to get to our AirBNB and climb the four stories to find out room being cleaned. Drop our bags and go see the town for a couple of hours. Get back and the cleaning lady is still there but vacates the bedroom so we can lay down and catch a nap as Beth is shaking from being tired.

After a short nap off we go to the Arc de Triomphe for some sunset pictures of the Eiffel Tower and the city of Paris. 284 steps (ouch) and a greeting from a drone flying overhead we view the city of Paris to a wonderful sunset. A brief walk down the Champs Des Elysees and a off street stop for some Paris pizza and a glass of wine for Beth we get back to the room to try and sleep for the next day is the Louvre Museum.

Mix up on my part but we walk to the Louvre find a nice bakery for Breakfast and arrive later than we wanted. Oh well, all day at the Louvre with a second day needed if we want to see everything but we see many of the important pieces at the museum. Mona Lisa, VENUS de Milo, Victory and many, many famous paintings and sculptures. Lots and lots of pictures!

Today brings a surprise as on our first walk around the AirBNB we find out there is a special Mucha Exhibit at the Museum Luxembourg! Off we go!

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