Jim has a countdown clock running for the trip. It currently reads 14 days 17 hours 51 minutes and 30 seconds at the time of this writing. Two weeks left until we head out.  

Last night we watched the movie “The Way” with Martin Sheen. It is a movie that chronicles the trip a father takes on the Camino de Santiago after the death of his only son. It was filmed around the same time of year that we will walk and it brought up the question of wind and cool temps causing us to re-evaluate our packing. Other than Jim putting in a long sleeved shirt we were good. Jim says it is now getting scary how close we are to leaving. This will be his first long distance hike and until he walks day after day there will be questions that won’t be satisfied in his mind. There is less concern on my part after having completed several multi-day hikes and, of course, the Appalachian Trail. My hope is that he embraces the challenges day to day. I am sure he will.  

As stated, this morning we both went through the items in our packs to finalize our load for the Camino. Jim’s is 15 pounds (6.8 kg) and mine is 14 pounds (6.35 kg). That includes the iPads and the camera of choice. I will have a small Casio camera and Jim has decided to only take the iPhone’s camera. We could lighten our load but would rather carry a few extra ounces or pounds to have that extra shirt or jacket. The suitcase is ready to close for the Paris and cruise legs of the trip. Done!! 


The list of preparation items is smaller, thank goodness. I am in the “cleaning” stage. I am sure our housesitter, Jana, will appreciate a clean house when she arrives. Perhaps one day I will decide I LIKE to clean. Not there yet! 

My work is winding down with only a couple of closings to go and last minute instructions to my fabulous co-workers who are graciously taking up my slack. Thank you Lynda and Velda for your invaluable assistance. My clients are in great hands. 

Jim has one more job to do for others and several last minute things to do for us. I believe we both will feel we are on a fast treadmill until we leave.  

The plan for the next entry is to be from the Miami airport showing our, hopefully, joyous faces for the journey ahead.  We do welcome comments and correspondence from you through this blog, or, should it be important, contact us directly through email.

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